Olivia Vanderwal

Olivia Vanderwal
What's shakin bloggers? I'm Olivia, Videographer and Digital Content Creator here at IMI. I write words to make sense of things and record them so I don't forget them when I reach old age. I've seemed to niche myself in the marketing world, one delicately spliced sentence and video at a time. Some refer to me as a poetic-punk-nugget, most don't. I may be small in size, but I'm as big as I want to be behind my keyboard and I plan to do great things.
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Building the “Right” Reputation

Posted by Olivia Vanderwal on Nov 21, 2017 2:04:34 PM

Building a reputable company may seem easy to an individual. But success is never built upon a sole person’s mindset. There are many courses of actions and implementations that a company needs to check off their list to build the “right” reputation.

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