From There to Here

Posted by Holly Salinas on Nov 3, 2017 4:46:37 PM
Holly Salinas


Holly Salinas began working with IMI in May of 2013 as a mechanical tool inventory coordinator and administrative assistant.

Since then, she’s managed to dip her toes into several interesting opportunities in the material handling sector with IMI. Holly provides a fantastic first-hand account of what it’s like to go from working and traveling between some of the largest distribution warehouses in the US, to eventually finding herself in a role of finding others to do the same.

What is your current role with IMI?

I am now part of a team of Recruiting Specialists. We recruit for conveyor installers, site coordinators, electricians, welders etc. all throughout the US.

What was your journey from there?

I started working as a mechanical tool inventory coordinator and administrative assistant. I was on two sites in Texas, and from there traveled to Connecticut, Florida, and Maryland. From there, I shifted into the role of on-site coordinator in Maryland and traveled to Tennessee. It was here that the General Manager of IMI visited to facilitate several training classes. It was through this, I was able to start building my relationships with IMI management. After that it was off to sunny California where I began further training to become a recruiting specialist!

Tell us about your day to day experience as a site coordinator.

As a site coordinator, I was responsible for providing support to the installation supervisor and employees currently on their projects. I would maintain all necessary records for the installation job site. I would log the progress and percentage of completion of the project. I worked closely with the vendors in ordering hardware, fasteners, safety products, and any other supplies the site would need. I logged and submitted time, mileage, and per diems into payroll. I would also process new hire applications. I worked with the rental equipment, propane, diesel, porta johns, and dumpster companies, and made sure this was all maintained. I provided support to all safety responsibilities. I.e. reports, inspections, permits, Safety Data Sheets, logging and documentation, and keeping records on site. I worked with Site Materials Management to document inventory received on site to help reduce potential shortages.

What was the most rewarding part of being a site coordinator?

Definitely the travel aspect! Having the opportunity to live in and see so many different parts of the US was extremely gratifying. I had the opportunity to meet many new and interesting people and learned a lot in the process.

How did you handle/cope with being away from your family and friends when traveling? Any advice for new employees?

It was hard at first – but as time went on it got easier thanks to the strong relationships I formed with supervisors and co-workers. They became like family. As for advice, I would recommend that employees connect with family through means like Facetime and social media as much as possible throughout their journeys.

How did you handle the transition from site coordinator to recruitment specialist?

It was a bit of a difficult transition for me. I loved my job as a site coordinator and I still miss it because I enjoyed traveling and working on the job sites so much. That said, I also enjoy working as a recruiter because I still get to meet new people and learn more about them. Recruiting is just as rewarding since I'm in a position to help employ people in need while still feeling connected to the job site.

Describe one of your favorite memories on site.

My favorite memory on site was when my friend/co-worker and I dressed up as the supervisors on our site for Halloween. We used fake facial hair and hard hats with our supervisors' names on them while staying in character for the entire day. The supervisors and co-workers had no idea we planned on doing this and everyone thought it was hilarious!


dressed up


How has IMI helped you achieve your career/personal goals?

IMI has helped me achieve my career goals by giving me the opportunity to travel and learn more about the world of mechanical installation as well as the computer software programs that support it. Furthermore, when life-changing events occurred, IMI was extremely supportive and offered me a position as a Recruitment Specialist. As a result, I am very grateful and appreciative of the IMI team.

Any other general comments about working for IMI?

IMI recognizes hard-working employees and values their dedication to the company. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support! As a recruiter, I feel connected to prospective employees because I also started working in the field and as such, feel apart of their journey with IMI.

*This article has been edited for brevity and clarity.